Tap My Bio

A single destination for creators to share their work with the world.


A single link in your social media bio to guide users to multiple destinations.


Tapmybio is a web-app for creators to make a single link that displays all of their social platforms in one place . I worked alongside the founding team to breathe new life into the brand and product design as well as build out premium subscription plans that allow users to monetize directly in the platform.




UI/UX Designer

  • Brand Refresh

  • Landing Page & Dashboard UI

  • Product Strategy

Users can customize their profiles and add links to their favorite platforms.
We designed a refreshed homepage and dashboard UI to reflect our new brand direction.
We added a new premium feature called 'Tips' which lets users receive tips directly from the their TMB profile.
Users can see real time analytics of how their links are performing.
The discovery engine help creators connect and collaborate.
We refreshed the color palette to be more expressive – like our creators.
We added more platforms to the product, and custom links for premium users.